Welcome to Tyler Paranormal Society!

We are a Paranormal Investigation group based out of Tyler, TX and serving the East Texas and surrounding area. Our mission is to document paranormal occurrences through investigation, research, and scientific method. We employ a variety of investigative styles and skills as well as use a variety of tools while in the field conducting investigations. Investigations are not just limited to Ghost hunting (also known as Parapsychology); most people automatically associate the term paranormal with this. We focus on all areas covered by the word paranormal. This would include but is not limited to ghost hunting, psychic phenomenon, Cryptozoological research, Ufology and more. Through documentation, observation, and shared, confirmed experiences; we hope to help further the the validity of the paranormal science. Tyler Paranormal Society is a registered Non Profit Corporation in the state of Texas.

Up Coming Events


The 2nd Annual Tyler Paranormal Conference

When:   April 26th, 2014
Where:  Tyler Civic Theater

This year is going to be great! Joining the conference will be SyFy Channel's Deep South Paranormal as well as reps from the original Ghost Hunter Store and the Static Zone / Paranormal Equipment store, and more! Don't miss out on this year's conference! For more information check out the event page at Jericho's Tours of Tyler. Or if you would like get you tickets here!  

Other Events to be listed soon!